Site and Product Launch

We are excited to finally launch our website! It has been a long process but we have had a blast figuring it out along the way. We still have a long way to go and we have great aspirations for our products and our company. At this time we are currently out of stock of our product. Production has resumed at the factory where we create our games. We are anticipating having our first shipment in soon and we are excited to see it in stock on our site. We want to provide the best customer service as possible and we look forward to working with everyone and building a community.

We will be releasing our first board game - First to Worst - in the very near future. We also have plans to release several other games over the course of the year. While we have several new games designed, we would like to take our time with them to ensure they have been properly play tested. 

Since we are a new small business there are certainly going to be snags along the way. We appreciate any feedback that we receive and will constantly strive to provide the best product and service as possible.